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At Centerpoint Home Inspections LLC, our mission is to help our clients make informed decisions about their properties by providing accurate and comprehensive home inspections. We take pride in providing the most reliable and trustworthy home inspection services to our clients so the process of purchasing a property becomes easier for them.

About Us

Centerpoint Home
Inspections LLC

Centerpoint Home Inspections LLC knows what is needed to deliver excellent service. Being a company with a 5-star rating, we are committed to providing each customer with the most in-depth and accurate house inspections and reporting. Our staff of certified Master Inspectors goes through rigorous training and testing every year to ensure they meet the standards for inspection, reporting, and customer service.

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Our Services

At Centerpoint Home Inspections LLC, we are honored to assist and provide our clients with the best home inspection services that will make the process of purchasing a house so much easier and simpler. We are proud to offer our top-notch services, which include:

Home inspection

Our home inspection services are conducted by certified professionals who use the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate and…

Thermal imaging

At Centerpoint Home Inspections LLC, we offer thermal imaging services. By using the thermal imaging technology, we use special cameras…

Sewer scope inspection

A sewer scope inspection is a specialized type of inspection that involves using a video camera to inspect the sewer…

Wood-destroying insect inspection

Our Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection services are designed to identify any infestations of wood-destroying insects, such as termites, carpenter ants, and…

Working Process

The Best at What We Do

We carry out inspections seven days a week since we want to meet your demands. Scheduling is simple and can be done online, by phone, or via SMS. Moreover, to help you make well-informed judgments about your property, our inspectors are ready to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after your home inspection.

Let Us Take Care of the Home Inspection

At Centerpoint Home Inspections LLC, we provide exceptional work without compromising quality.

Dependable People

Meet Our Team of Experts!

Jeoy Smith

CEO, Rooftop

Samantha Riley

CEO, Rooftop

Alfred Gilbert


Centerpoint Home Inspections did an outstanding job with its thermal imaging service. Their team was very professional and punctual. Keep up the good work!

Lilly Beth

Our Client

I contacted Centerpoint Home Inspections to do a house inspection of the new property I was about to buy. Their team did a great job providing a detailed, thorough report with pictures and videos.

Elvis Matt

Our Client

I highly recommend Centerpoint Home Inspections to everyone! I chose their wood-destroying insect inspection, and they did a great job telling me all the insect infestations. Their team was highly professional, quick, and cooperative.

Nick Dave

Our Client



We ensure that each client we work with is satisfied with the results. Here are a few reviews as evidence of our brilliant work.

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(970) 215-1997 and get an estimate.


Your Home Inspection Experts!

Our team of inspectors has years of experience and expertise in the field of home inspections. We are highly trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of home construction and maintenance, and we use this expertise to provide accurate and comprehensive inspections. Moreover, we use the latest technology and techniques to identify issues and potential problems that other inspectors may miss. After each inspection, we provide our clients with a detailed report that includes images, videos and descriptions of any issues or potential problems that we have identified. We also provide recommendations for remediation, which may include additional inspections or repairs by a qualified contractor.

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